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Norco VLT models have Shimano EP8 drive systems that feature 3 assist modes, Eco, Trail and Boost you can leisurely cruise or shred the trails and hill climbing is a breeze, these bikes will flatten any hill!


The Norco Bigfoot 2 Fat Bike is ready for you to claw up the hills and descend with confidence, the geometry and fit put the rider in a powerful position to navigate whatever the trail throws at you.

The Moose Bicycle Fat Bike 24 builds confidence in junior riders its a all seasons fun to ride bike

Fits Riders 4'1"-4'10"

The Moose Bicycle Fat Bike 20 are perfect for getting your 6-9 year old out riding ,the fat tires make it easier to roll over bumpy terrain and the drop frame makes for easier getting on and off the bike.

Fits Riders 3'6"-4'4"

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